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Latest update: 10/2 (um, 10/3?)

Added a link to the first chapter compilation, a bit more data on the character page, and a bit of housekeeping. Oh, and you might notice that Rei-chan has a -nice- HTML character page; this is because she sent it to me, and bugged me until I post it. You want one, you'd be advised to do the same. ^_^ - Andy

Welcome to the NERV Evangelion RPG homepage! I am your host and guide, Head Director Luna Ayanami. First, I'd like to tell you about our intentions here at NERV.

I was web-searching and found an Evangelion RPG, but all positions had been filled and there was a waiting list, so it was unlikely I was going to join any time soon. I decided to start my own Evangelion RPG, hopefully one that will allow more people to join and role-play in the wonderful world that Gainax has created.

Please follow the links below to find out more information on the RPG and I hope you join our family soon!
-- Luna Ayanami, Head Director of NERV, the Evangelion RPG

This page is still -very- much under construction, by somebody who wouldn't be able to do HTML if a manual was uploaded into his brain, so please bear with it until everything is together. -Andy

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Legal Stuff: I do not own Evangelion; it is property of Gainax/Project EVA, TX, NAS and AD Vision. This RPG is unauthorized. This is a non-profit organization; all I'm doing is trying to allow a few more people enjoy this world in a way most of us never will.

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