Miyuki Hosaka
(normally her father just calls her Miyu)

Age: 14

Nationality: Japanese

Physical Description: Miyu is slightly below average height for her age... she does not have much muscle mass although she is rather well developed for a girl of only 14.

Hair, color and style: She has long straight pink hair (Hey it's anime pink is allowed :)

Eyes: Amber in color

Other appearance notes: Miyu is fairly attractive, given a few years for her body to mature she will probably be quite a beauty.

Family Status: Father is the only living relative. They are very close having shared the loss of Miyu's mother and her younger brother in a car accident.

Current Residence: Living with father in a small apartment downtown, at least until joining NERV


General: Miyu gives the illusion of being much more well adjusted than she actually is. The death of her mom an brother showed her how fragile life really is. Since her dad was hurting so much over the loss of his wife and son, Miyu took it upon herself to try to be the strong one and show support. In the process all she did was bottle up the pain she felt inside.

Special (insanities?): Miyu has an absolute fear of death and not just her own. Even seeing a news report about people dieing causes her to suffer.

Quirks of note: tends to be very distant towards her friends... once again having to do with the belief that if she gets close to someone she will feel terrible when they die... keeping them at arms length makes it easier for her to cope as she is afraid everything she loves will die horribly.

Love interests: Miyu would very much love to fall in love, she pins up pictures of good looking guys and dreams of someday finding a boy... this would of course be difficult because of the above mentioned quirk which she would have to work out how she could love someone that much while being afraid of what would happen to him and how that would affect her.

Friends: Miyu does not tend to be close to her friends.

Rivals, professional: none yet

Rivals, romantic: none yet, but as Miyu is pretty it's probable that other girls would be jealous of her if she expressed interest in a boy they might likewise be interested in dating.

Enemies: none yet


Skills of note: Miyu has devoted her time to learning how to cook, take care of the house and to take care of her father. She knows most homemaking skills like taking care of the laundry.

Lack of skills of note: Miyu is clueless when it comes to most everything relating to outdoors.


Skill of note: NONE ... Miyu is afraid of death and combat is all about killing.

Reaction of note: Early on Nerv would have noticed the only way to convince Miyu to even get in an EVA was to explain to her that if she didn't people would die ... that by dealing with the Angels she could keep people from dying. In combat Miyu will do whatever it takes to get the combat over as quickly as possible.


Ryuji and Taeko were two of the lucky ones. Their home was on high ground and they didn't lose everything during the second impact. Their lives did change as did everyone's but for certain they had a happier lot than others. Miyu was born shortly after the second impact. When she was six her mother gave birth to a son who she named Suou.

They had a good life in comparison to what most had suffered. But tragedy was only held at bay.

Taeko was taking her now three year old son to buy him some new clothes. Miyu was in school and Ryuji at work. The accident report said Taeko's car had hit a patch of oil and slid into the lane of on coming traffic where another car collided with it, killing Suou and Taeko instantly.

Ryuji fell apart with their loss. Miyu being only nine didn't understand why she would never see her mother or brother again. But each day she saw the pain her father was suffering. Although she was suffering too, she tried to hold in her own tears to help him with his. Ryuji was the only thing Miyu had left, and she was going to care for
him no matter the cost.

They moved into a small apartment since their home was filled with memories and constant reminders of what they had lost.

Ryuji did slowly get better as the courage of his young daughter helped him come to terms with the loss they had suffered. He got back to work and Miyu took over all the duties her mother had once had. Unfortunately Miyu had held back her own pain so now it was finding new ways to manifest.

Miyu started spending more time away from her friends. She became afraid that her father might die, so she spent every moment with him trying to make sure he would never leave her. Even so she developed
the belief that someday she would be very very alone.



Miyuki Hosaka

Player: Rei-chan (okay it's sort of a play thing because it's short for Desiree and it's a character from EVA as well)
E-mail: jinnai@texas.net


Speed: ****
Power: ***
Endurance: ****
Will: *****
Strategy: ****
Cunning: ****
Ego: ***


no combat skills


Combat, first reaction, fear! Then immediately do anything necessary to end the battle as quickly as possible so no one has to die.

<when asked for elaboration...>

At first I was imagining that she would just start punching and not stop... simply because she doesn't have any combat skills (at least until NERV teachs her some) ... however I remembered one weapon she knows very well. Miyu spends a lot of time in the kitchen and would know knives. All those hours spent chopping vegtables would not go to waste as she could go after an angel with the same dedication to make Miyu's own special recipe: Angel Stir Fry *grin*

So progression knife would be her first choice of weapons. After that it would probably be fists, teeth, kicking, certainly nothing organized.


Seeing someone killed will drive Miyu into a deep depression .... if however she is in an EVA and sees an ANGEL kill someone she will very likely go into a berserker rage and not stop until she has completely torn the Angel apart, or been killed herself.

Player info

Name: Desiree Nehr
E-mail address: jinnai@texas.net
Homepage: http://lonestar.texas.net/~jinnai/sono3.html