Paradise Lost

A Fan Fiction by Andy Kent

Most recent update: 1/13

Last update: Part 19 is up... while it's not absolutely, positively final, we're not going to see many important changes in it, and I'm happy with it. Now to get started on writing part 20...

Part 19 is fairly heavily based on the Battle Dougi storyline from the Ranma manga. If you're not familiar with this (it was pretty late, so if you've been reading Viz's translation it'll be 2005 or so before this comes up), you should look at this site: The Ranma Project. Phase 12a-12d has the appropriate bits. You can read and enjoy it without having seen the manga, but you'll miss a lot of the jokes...

I got some more fan art! "Angie" (do you have a full name?) sent me a couple of pictures: Ryoga and the group. Thanks. Of course, let's not forget Elbert Perez, who did the pic at the top of the page. You can see the full-sized version here. Anybody that feels like sending your own art in, be advised that I will forever be grateful. (aagh... I split an infinitive...)

As usual, all of the characters included are NOT mine… the Ranma 1/2 characters are obviously copyright Rumiko Takahashi and the folks at Shogakukan. Conversely, the Evangelion characters are copyright Gainax, Inc. Don't sue, I'm poor. ^_^

A big THANKS to Blade, who did most of the pre-reading and editing work.While I'm at it, let me take the opportunity to congratulate him on the birth of his daughter Alexandria. Other "thank-you"s go to my other prereader, Addison Godel, and the massed forces of the University of Houston Japanese Animation Club, Anime-no-Kai, for not laughing too hard when I showed up with a -hardcopy- of this thing.

Spoiler warning: Yes, there are -lots- of spoilers now, especially in the later parts. If you haven't watched Eva, get up and do so; it's quite good and 100 percent released by now.

Of course, all C&C is appreciated, ESPECIALLY if you can point out somewhere that I screwed up... that's what this page is FOR, after all. E-mail me at with any comments.

All of you that have written, both those with constructive comments and those with general "attaboy"s: thanks. If you have a -complaint-, go ahead and send it in; you'd be the first. (That deeply disturbs me, you know.)

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    Next update: Part 20, hopefully. ^_^ I'm still trying to dig out a few more ideas for Slayers Neon before anybody sees that; at this rate it'll die on the vine, but considering how -evil- it is it's probably for the best anyway. I've got a bit of concept work going on "Like a Blazing Star", an old idea re-inspired by my recent acquisition of the US version of Magic Knights Rayearth for the Saturn. Heh.