Characters active in the Eva RP...

Luna Ayanami, played by Luna Ayanami!
Chief of Staff at NERV

Sakura Hoshino, played by Zhou Tai An
Evangelion Pilot

Miyuki Hosaka, played by "Rei-chan" (Desiree Nehr)
Evangelion Pilot

Noriko Hayakawa, played by K.A. Pezzano
Evangelion Pilot

Toshiro Inukage, played by Alejandro Melchor
Marduk Liaison/School Counselor

Tsutomu Rokutanda, played by Andy Kent
Chief Technician at NERV

Roderick Han Kok Sung, played by "Dendrobium Stamen"
Military Liaison

Russell Schultz, played by Addison Godel

NPCs, so far

Yuuji, Operations Commander at NERV

Maya Ibuki, computer technician (bridge bunny) at NERV

Subaru, leader of "A" shift, technician at NERV

What, no NPC sheets? I'll work on them and put them up with the next update. ^_^